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Hello! I'm Jamie and welcome to my kitchen, my homebased bakery. Back in 2010 I was given a challenge by a friend who was experiencing many issues with food intolerances. I made it my mission to bring the joy of food, especially desserts back into her life. Gluten free anything at this time was limited and tasted horrible! Not to mention they also had ingredients my friend couldn't have. To add to it, access to gluten free flours was scarce and expensive. 

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to attend culinary school. Adding skills to what I already knew. Driving my love to bake any kind of dessert. During the time I was in school I created what is now what I call, my gluten free cookie flour mix. There's nothing like it on the market and it's a recipe that I wrote experimenting with different combination of gluten free flours and ratios. I can now use this mix across the board for any cookie flavor. It provides moisture, the familiar cookie texture, and the incredible flavor of that favorite cookie of yours without you even knowing it's gluten free.


2019 brought me the gift of starting my business and all of my thanks goes to my loving husband that has done nothing other than 100% support me. I can now bring joy to your home as I do to mine.

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